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Useful mapping resources

BSBI DDb grid ref to vice-county converter tool

Finds and maps GB and Irish Grid references in relation to vice-county boundaries.

Shows grid squares (including DINTY) using backgrounds including Google Earth, OS maps, and also includes detailed vice-county boundaries in GB

Get an Irish Grid Reference – Simply click on a map to read off grid reference and altitude.

Grab a grid reference

Shows grid squares (including DINTY) at various resolutions, on maps & Google Earth in GB

Magic – shows SSSI boundaries, etc against detailed OS maps in GB.

Ordnance Survey Ireland  Searches and maps Irish place names and Irish Grid References. – Searches and maps place names, grid references, postcodes in GB and displays on OS 1:50,000 or 1:25,000 maps.

Where’s the path OS maps alongside aerial photos with grid refs (including DINTY) in GB.