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Recording software

BSBI Distribution Database (DDb)

BSBI's database (DDb) contains more than 50 million plant records, including historical records from herbaria and published catalogues and more recent survey data compiled for our Atlas projects and on-going recording. The database is used to generate our public taxon distribution maps, which show occurrence records at up to tetrad (2km square) resolution.

Documentation about the DDb is provided on this website.

Find out more about how the best route to use the BSBI's data.


MapMate has been widely used by BSBI recorders. There is an automated mechanism in place to transfer MapMate data from recorders to the DDb. The pages on this website dedicated to MapMate include training videos on creating species richness maps and a page of custom queries that can be useful to plan recording.

Documentation about MapMate is provided on this website.


iRecord is an online system for biological recording designed and maintained by the Biological Records Centre at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. Although originally designed for the submission of single wildlife sightings, it is increasingly being used as a way of submitting, managing and sharing records.

The iRecord mobile recording app can be a convenient way to enter records directly in the field.

Botanical occurrence records and validation annotations submitted to iRecord are shared with BSBI and automated included in our database. At present records are transferred twice a year, but we plan to enable frequent (daily or weekly) synchronisation in 2024. Many BSBI County Recorders are also iRecord verifiers for their county.

Documentation about iRecord is available on the iRecord website.

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