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How to submit a record

Single records

The BSBI welcomes records of plants growing in the wild in Britain and Ireland. For one-off records, you can use the iRecord website or the iRecord app, or you can use the Record-a-plant form on the main BSBI website.

Multiple records

If you want to submit more than one record, please send them direct to your BSBI County Recorder: you can use the lists and the map on the Local Botany page on the main BSBI website to find their contact details. If you are unsure which county your plant was found in, just enter the grid ref into this tool. Email your County Recorder to ask in what format they would like to receive your records - some prefer a spreadsheet, some like emails with photos attached etc.

If you are in one of the few counties without a County Recorder, please contact our Enquiries Desk for further guidance.