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Searching for taxa

To search for taxa, you use the search form as normal, but change the search for pull down to Taxa.

From here you will be able to search for taxa by genus, species, subspecies and authority. For example, we can search for taxa in the genus Sambucus using a query like the one below.

search for taxa in the genus Sambucus: click to see the query in the DDb (login required)

Searching for native species

A slightly more complicated example is to search for all native species found in Great Britain. For this query, we use the more options button to bring up some additional criteria.

  • Set attributes > synonym state to accepted name (not a synonym) - to exclude non-accepted names
  • Set attributes > taxon rank to species and this rank - to only include species
  • Set attributes > status (external scheme) to native and National status (GB) - to include species native in Great Britain
search for all native speices found in Great Britain: click to see the query in the DDb (login required)