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Download options

There are two ways to download your results. If you want to directly download a tabular file (e.g. a spreadsheet or CSV format) you can click on the download results button, or you can click email results to have the file emailed to you.

download results and email results buttons

For large result sets (greater than 30000 records), the email options are strongly recommended. CSV format reports are usually generated more quickly than Excel files, and be opened/manipulated in Excel.

The Download tab is to the right of the results table. It also provides a comprehensive list of options for downloading your query results.

Tabular data

The Tabular data panel allows for the addition of columns to your download file. You can also select the type of file you want to download (csv format, Excel spreadsheet, OpenDocument spreadsheet and export in NBN Darwin Core format.). In each case, you can choose whether to download the file or receive it by email.


The Mapmate panel provides a route to download files to Mapmate.


The Dmap panel provides a route to download files to DMap

GIS formats

The GIS formats panel provides a set of options for download files for use with GIS systems.