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Data sources and datasets


  • a data source describes the source (often database) from which records originated. MapMate and VPDB are examples of data sources.
  • a dataset is a collection of records that represent a distinct survey or project. Using a dataset can help with traceability of the data, can allow the context and likely quality of the records to be more explicable and may ensure that contributors and funders are properly acknowledged.

Searching for records by data source or dataset

You can add a filter for a dataset when searching for records by using more options > source > data set

You can add a filter for a datasource when searching for records by using more options > source > data source

In both cases, you can tick the exclude checkbox to exclude records that from dataset/datasource.

Searching for datasources

You can search for datasources in the DDb by selecting Data-sets, collections and herbaria in the search for pull down box within the main search form.

Listing all datasources and datasets in the DDb for a vice county

Data source and data set are available as options via more options > grouping > group by.  Using both options in a single query, lists data sources broken down into individual data sets.  In the case of South Northumberland, the DDb has records from 104 data sets.

query showing all datasources and datasets for South Northumberland: click to see query in DDb (requires login)

Listing all DDb records for a year, originally entered into an individual copy of MapMate

An individual MapMate CUK can be entered into the mapmate centre field.  This is found by clicking on more options > source > mapmate centre.